Thursday, August 15, 2002

Holy(how drunk is this) Man

Today when I opened my eyes I saw God. I asked, "is that you God?" The voice spoke softly and
slowly. So softly and slowly I could not understand a word he said. When I really opened my eyes
what I saw wasn't God at all. It was just my talking New Kids On The Block poster. Boy, was my
face red!

A Splash of Wisdom with an Element of Surprise

How odd it is when we say "surprise" and "good-bye" all in the same sentence. How odd it is
when a person cries and laughs in the same moment. When I looked for my reflection in the clear
water I saw myself above a million busy fish. Fish know what life is all about. Fish never worry,
they just live. If you were to open up my head you would not see a fish inside. Maybe one day
when I am very wise you will be able to see a beautiful fish swimming around inside my head.
Maybe, but I can only hope....

Wednesday, August 14, 2002

"I don't want to wait in vain for your love"

some people are just too smart for their own good
woudn't you say? I would just love to sit down and see the world through someone else's eyes. How beautiful would that be? If I could see the world through your eyes and u through mine then we would understand each other. I'll paint something through your eyes and you can draw a scene through my eyes. If we showed each other our work maybe we would understand why apples are not blue and why bob marley is a legend. I swear you will see-- here take my eyes I pulled them out just for you.

Paranoid. Paranoid. The MAN is watching and I think I see Uncle Sam in my backyard, hiding in
that tree. Maybe not though. It could just be a huge human-like bird, but still, it smells of money.
*The way it sings his patriotic songs. The way he watches me-- the way I watch him. The way he
sits on top of those eggs and never shares them with anyone.* I know a lady who has the most
powerful voice. When she sings you step back because you can feel her song suffocating your
soul. I'll be able to sing like that one day. I'll shake the world once my dentist cleans and fixes my
teeth so the sound won't leak out like how sand slides through your hands even when you
hold it tight. I bet if the doctor glued me fingers together, sand would never escape my hand's
merciless grip. A person who can hold onto sand and control if it falls out is the person I take my
hat off to and raise a glass of Vanilla Coke to. That person can eat ketchup chips in my bed any
A wise pool sign once said "Walk, Don't Run"

Tuesday, August 13, 2002

Its a big one boy its gonna hold you down now
purple on sundays and green on tuesday. I'm waiting for a reply that is taking years to be sent.
Once I get the letter I'll jump up and down and maybe I'll go swimming or maybe I'll just drown.
But while I sit around waiting I jump up on a wave and ride the tide until the sun turns blue and
there is nothing left to do. I look at the cover and yell TAKE THAT!!!! and hope he's
"back for good" "the day after tomorrow"

makes no sense? No i guess you have to look inside the tiger to see the truth of the written and
unwritten word-- read between the lines even when the lines are blurry and smudged
Spies came out of the water and I caught them in the jam. Stealing all of our money. But don't
worry They won't tell the secret that we craved into that tree. We are safe --only when we read our
safety book.
web into your mind!