Saturday, September 07, 2002

Do Not Shiver

Do not shiver sir. I will find you comfort. I can wrap my life around you and fill your empty belly
with more then you can stand. I remember when I saw you sleeping on the street, singing a song
from the war (the war which you never fought in) and screaming out loud how they owe you a life.
Dear sir please DO NOT shiver, I can see the worms crawling into your ears and it only makes it
worse when you can not stand up straightand face your fate. Please SIR do not shiver, I can not
find the words to give you peace. I can see the dancers parading down the street laughing in the
face of those in need. I can see their cars running on money and their shoes kicking disgrace into
the eyes of those who can not seek shelter in the night. I saw those who shiver on the corner, the
ones who live life day-to-day. I wonder who is better? Am I any better then the rich or the poor?
Are you SIR any better then the rich who oppress you and laugh in your face? The money they run
on *the money they will not share *the money that is not fair. Dear sir, I feel your shiver and I
understand why it is so cold out here. Can you stop that shiver, sir? I know how I can. I just have
to walk back into my middle-class life and turn a blind eye to those in need. Isn't that how the
world works? Dear sir do not shiver, I know I won't when I have forgotten your face. Could this
be reality? Shameful But true. Dear sir, you do not shiver. Is it because you have too much pride or
is it just because you have no more life in your soul and you have been forgotten for the last time?